Midway Utah Celebrates 150 Years

Wasatch County, Utah

What are you doing April 15, 2009? Bake a big cake to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Midway, Utah. Dee Halverson will blow out the candles, although his wish is coming true. Since writing Midway: Portrait of a Town, Heritage Associates has worked towards creating a memorial to the earliest pioneers.

On April 15, 1859, after a long, difficult journey up the Provo Canyon Road, Benjamin Mark Smith, David Wood, Jesse McCarrell, Sidney Epperson and Jeremiah Robey and their families were the first to settle the lower part of Snake Creek. They called their settlement "Smith's Grove."

A few weeks later, another settlement on the upper part of Snake Creek was founded as "Mound City." A fort was established by the two growing communities for protection against Indian hostilities in 1866. Because it was exactly midway between the two earlier settlements it was designated Fort Midway.

The Mound City site has been recognized by an historic monument on the Homestead Road for many years, but the Smith's Grove location has been long forgotten. This year a new LDS Chapel is being constructed on Center Street not far from the original "Smith's Grove" location. Preliminary plans indicate that the Smith's Grove Chapel will be ready for dedication about the time of the 150th anniversary. Plans also include a memorial plaque and monument on the site to honor those who first established Midway.

Home to resorts, golf courses, and spectacular scenery, Midway is one of the fastest growing towns in Utah. Residents both new and old salute the foresight and hardiness of the first pioneers.