Heritage Associates: Who Are Our Experts?

Skilled in settings from archives to courthouses, our talented team of professionals offer your organization a turnkey solution for using your unique heritage.

W. Dee Halverson earned degrees in history at Brigham Young University and York University in England. Since founding Heritage Associates, he has provided professional research and published works for nearly 200 clients worldwide. He is also a specialist in oral interviews, historical site evaluation, archive development and organization, litigation research, and genealogy. Trained in photography, and geography, his skills are well-used for research on location. Dee is fluent in German, a reading knowledge of French, is proficient in translating Old English and German scripts, and deciphering old handwritten texts. He is adept at handling the oldest papers, and using the newest technology.

Marty Halverson attended BYU and studied in Salzburg, Austria and York, England. She is the co-founder of Heritage Associates and has collaborated with her husband Dee on several projects as a research historian, editor and writer. Marty has written thirteen children's history books, two family histories and has recently published her first novel, a book of historical fiction entitled Son of a Gun. Her on site photography is used in Heritage Associates publications, and she is the author of the company's blog .

James E. Robinson, CPA, has been a successful executive of a network of home health care businesses throughout the Intermountain West. He specializes in corporate marketing and development for Heritage Associates.

A. Peter Halverson has applied the latest in website architecture, searchable databases and digital printing techniques to our history-based projects. He supervises quality control and insures that your product is of the highest standard.

Marta Dansie has developed state-of-the art graphics and text layout techniques in book design and publication, as well as digital scanning and restoration of images for historic use. She is a talented photographer, designer and graphic artist.

Heidi Ballou provides digital transcription service for the firm’s heavy volume of oral- and video-history interviews.

Amy Robinson specializes in book design, layout, image research and art history, and has expertise in graphic arts. Her access to the best photographic equipment, and knowledge of digital imagery has been featured in numerous Heritage Associates books.

Heritage Associates has expertise in:
Museum and exhibit research and text.
Seminars and lectures.
Corporate events to celebrate anniversaries and other milestones.
Archival development.
International research.
Historical evaluation.
Interpretation of artifacts.
Evaluation of historical collections.