Heritage Associates: Corporate History

Commemorative Booklet
Judge Building 100th Anniversary

Heritage Associates is in the memory business. Corporate anniversaries and other milestones are opportunities to revive moments of glory, and celebrate the values, business practices and innovators that reflect the high standards of your organization.

An anniversary is an opportunity to leverage past accomplishments with plans for the future. It invites media coverage. Exhibits, booklets or larger publications can share successes, build employee morale and be used for future promotion of your organization. Insights of current leaders, employees and customers are valuable, as are historical documents, old newspaper articles, photographs and memorabilia. We can inventory the material you have to prepare for an event.

One client used Heritage Associates to research and prepare a traveling exhibit. Throughout the anniversary month, the founders visited offices in ten different locations for a celebratory dinner where anecdotes and historical facts were presented. The exhibit displayed a time line of the company in photos, text and images. Ultimately it became part of the corporate office decor, informing former and potential clients, as well as new employees, of a dynamic history and exciting future.

Compelling, historically accurate accounts can be a tool for meeting current goals. Your story can be told in newsletters, marketing brochures and office art to demonstrate how key decisions in the past are relevant to today's demands. Heritage Associates can deliver a turnkey service, from concept development, research and interviews, through writing, design, editing, imagery, printing and binding. We can tell your story in an exciting way, while adhering to the highest standards of historical practice.

Heritage can become one of your organization's greatest assets.