Heritage Associates: Litigation Research

Smith and Morehouse in Summit County, Utah

Heritage Associates has done research for attorneys to locate and analyze information needed to reconstruct the past. Many legal cases need to be put in historical context for the stories to be understood.

To verify the continuous public use of livestock trails and mining roads, we explored paths that used to be lined with saloons and brothels. Much of the area is now inaccessible by car, so other modes of travel were necessary.

Dee on Rail Trail at Silver Creek Junction in
Summit County, Utah 2007

Oral interviews, old maps and scrapbook photos were employed to find routes that miners and sheepherders used for decades. Notes left on aspen trees led to crumbling foundations, and the ruins of former camps, indicating continuous public use of the property.

One of many "Sweetheart Trees" along the Perdue Creek road.

George Carter drowned in the Weber River during a railroad tie drive in 1877.

Even a lost grave was discovered in our explorations. Heritage Associates can find relevant and significant facts to make the past applicable to your situation.