History Makes Recession Road Less Rocky

Find a path; leave a trail.

We're hearing the challenges in every newscast, reading them on the stock market pages, and feeling them in our homes and wallets. We don't need more information on recession difficulties—we need information on recession solutions.

Heritage Associates knows history has the answers. How did a business survive during the depression? What did your grandmother do to stretch a depleted pantry? Who did your grandfather turn to in a personal crisis? Where did his employer find money to meet pay roll?

Our problems aren't new; we're new to the problems. Remedies are available if we look to the past, and apply age-old values to our future.

A corporate history is the perfect way to reassure clients and employees that solving problems is a tradition in your company. Remembering pressures of former economic downturns, and the vision and innovations that led to renewal will encourage creativity. An anniversary booklet enumerating goals and accomplishments will remind all concerned of your time-honored dependability.

Families look to those who survived personal struggles for assurance. True heroes are difficult to find in our society, but there are many hidden in the branches of a family tree. When their stories are told, descendants will recognize that courage and optimism are part of their heritage, and renew their own resolve.

We are living through a time that will provide hope to future generations; we are making valuable history on a daily basis. Those that follow us will need our experience to get through rocky patches of their own.

Make sure those coming behind you
have a trail to follow.

Right now is a crucial time to keep a record of setbacks, snags, solutions and successes. Heritage Associates LLC is prepared to help you. A successful history will repeat itself.