Lund, Nevada

Lund, NV

From London to Lund, Heritage Associates specializes in research on location.

No matter where the story takes place, the process is similar for Dee and Marty Halverson. In this case the fieldwork took place in fields surrounding a beautiful valley 75 miles from Ely, Nevada. Small local museums and archives gave clues to the first settlement, with detailed maps, old photos and early documents. The family who commissioned this history recommended folks for oral interviews. With diaries, letters, old newspaper clippings and scrapbooks, the story began to unfold.

Thirty Mormon pioneer families from St. George, Utah, made the 250-mile trek north by covered wagon in the late 1890's. One young wife wrote that her husband left her behind to safely deliver her new baby. Ten days later she joined a group to travel with her 2-year-old daughter and infant son on a 2-week journey to join him in her new home—a tent-covered dug-out.

The desert conditions were improved
by bringing water to the community from nearby streams.

There is still evidence of the logs that were
hollowed out and used as water pipes.

The old school is a monument to education.
Fannie was a school teacher who lived with the Carter family
and eventually fell in love with one of their sons.
She taught all ages in one small room.

Log cabins and adobe houses replaced
tents and dug-outs.

Windmills provided power.

And the desert began to blossom.

These folks made a difference
and they all have stories to tell.