Midway, Utah

Mining for Memories

Dee Halverson went on a mining expedition in Midway, Utah last week. A hundred years ago, would-be millionaires made fortunes from silver in the neighboring valleys, but Dee was searching for something much more valuable. Memories.

Kay Probst, Midway Utah

Kay Probst has been exploring this valley for more than seventy years, and knows every canyon, trail and peak personally. Devil's Hole, Sid's Canyon, Bonner Hollow, Dutch Fields, Gerber Springs, Snake Creek, Jesse's Mound—there are stories for dozens of campfires, heroes for every bike ride and villains for every hike.

Mount Timpanogos from Memorial Hill, Midway Utah

History is scattered all around Midway if you know what to look for. The town hall, a pot-rock saw, the House That Jack Built, an old sheep camp, hot pots, Memorial Hill—the mountains themselves have stories to tell.

Over the mountain to Park City and Brighton

They just need to be written down. Heritage Associates is making sure they won't be lost to future generations by mining for memories. Midway: Portrait of a Town was published in 2003. Midway: Portrait of a People will be available for Christmas.

Photos by Scott Robinson

Dee will follow anyone anywhere for a good story.