Historical Research

Dee Halverson in Midway, Utah

"It is a shame that history is ever made dry and tedious, or offered as a chronicle almost exclusively of politics, war, and social issues, when, of course, it is the full sweep of human experience. Politics, war, and social issues are there to be sure, but also music, science, religion, medicine, weather, love, loss, livelihoods in small towns you never heard of. History is a spacious realm." —David McCullough

Dee Halverson of Heritage Associates is writing the history of mink ranching in Utah. Who knew Utah is the largest exporter of mink in the world? The mink ranchers know, and they're telling Dee all about it.

As every story does, this one has come alive with people: family businesses are rife with drama, jealousy, sacrifice; suspense: arson, theft; current events: imports to China, PETA activists freeing the animals; money—ever price a mink coat?

History is about life, little known events and people who didn't make the headlines. But the stories have changed the world.

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