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Dream Big: The Dan Huish Story

Heritage Associates' newest biography is the story of a small-town boy with a big dream that came true.

Dee Halverson conducted fifty-five oral interviews, including an interview with the founder of Costco, Jim Sinegal, to piece together the history of Huish Chemical. In-depth corporate research covered facilities in Bowling Green, KY; Dyersburg, TN; Houston, TX; Salt Lake City, Utah. Dee accurately portrays the explosive growth of a company that started with five employees, shipping fifty boxes of product a month, to 3,000 employees shipping six million boxes of product a month.

Even more important, those closest to Dan shared personal memories of what he's like as a son, brother, husband, father, father-in-law, grandfather, friend and employer. Privately published, this book is illustrated with photographs, articles and memorabilia and will be a treasure for coming generations.

Heimat: The Story of a Family

Heritage Associate's most recent history is a narrative of the Mika, Przybyla, Wojton, Ross and Metzger and Jens families.

Research trips to Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany and France uncovered lost details of seven generations. This beautifully illustrated book tells stories of migration from small country villages to the imperial capital city of Vienna in the 1890's. The families survive events surrounding the collapse of the Hapsburg Empire after World War I, the rise and fall of the Third Reich and the post World War II occupation of Austria by the Soviet Red Army. Cousins still living in those countries, and friends from long ago produced photos, maps and memories of everyday life during those times.

Privately published for family members.

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Graphic Designers: Dan Huish cover by Marta Dansie; Heimat cover by Amy Robinson