Heritage Associates: Genealogy

Book of Births, Colmar France

Heritage Associates has helped scores of families and individuals put their legacy into historical context, underscoring how it was shaped and influenced by larger events.

Millions of people are engaged in The Roots Phenomenon. A person searches for his roots in order to find his own place in time; how the unique lives of his ancestors have affected his. Genealogy is more than just gathering names, dates and places. Serious family history is undertaken to put lives in context with events. Civil unrest, family scandals, job opportunities, health concerns, religious beliefs and other conditions have worked together to create a family's heritage. The stories are fascinating glimpses into true experiences.

Genealogy and public history are intrinsically linked. It is personal study using public historical domains: state genealogical and historical societies, national patriotic societies, such as the Sons/Daughters of the American Revolution, Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, and cemetery or parish records. Heritage Associates will utilize available sources, and produce a book compiling stories, history, photos and images that will be a treasure to members of your family.