Heritage Associates: Why You Need Us

Archive in Colmar, France

Heritage Associates answers important questions about the past to give perspective to the present, and understanding for the future. Working across disciplines and with team members familiar with a wide variety of subjects, life in earlier times is uncovered and put into context. At Heritage Associates we give value to your past.

Heritage Associates is a public history company using traditional as well as modern techniques. Geography, archaeology, art history, folklore, politics and literature all contribute to an understanding of the human experience. Knowledge of philately (stamps), numismatics (coins and medals), paleography (ancient writing and documents) is helpful, along with special language skills, especially in German, French, Greek or Latin. Handwritten archival material was often recorded in old English or Germanic script, and a reading proficiency is vital. Heritage Associates is competent in all of these areas.

Marty in Tabor, Czech Republic

Our historians spend a great deal of time reading diaries, letters, periodicals, government records, and microfilm. They have become experts on the history of particular places, periods, and societies. Reading ship-manifests, land descriptions, census and tax documents has familiarized them with the movement of people related to economic and civic conditions. The primary sources handled by Heritage Associates have made proper archival techniques relevant and necessary. We have organized personal attic archives as well as business archives comprised of hundreds of file cabinets into searchable, convenient resources for the client.

Oral interviews create new source material for projects. Experiences hiding in memories, combined with contemporary maturity is valuable in understanding current society. Remembered circumstances, emotions, hardships and daily activities add depth to dates, maps and scrapbooks. The right questions can trigger recollections previously forgotten.

These techniques, brought together in Heritage Associates, are beneficial to families, businesses, cities, religious organizations and others interested in remembering, disciphering or celebrating the past.

The essential skill of a historian is the ability to organize and communicate the collected information in an accessible and interesting form. This can result in diverse products such as books, brochures, articles, videos, reports, photography, exhibits, historical markers, memorials, visual timelines, lectures, seminars or events. The latest scanning, layout and printing equipment is used to produce coffee-table display books, booklets or reference books.

Do you need a historian? "Giving a future to our past" is our motto at Heritage Associates.