The History of Young Electric Sign Company

Heritage Associates has done extensive research on the history of signs, organizing the archives and writing the history of Young Electric Sign Company. "What started as a small sign lettering company in the 1920's has become one of the largest electric sign companies in the world." This is the company that lights up Las Vegas, and produces billboards and signs that are familiar to people everywhere.

The intensive period of study required for each project makes Dee Halverson an expert on many topics. Knowledge and interest turn into new hobbies for Dee. Because of his work for YESCO, he is fascinated by signs wherever he goes.

Photos taken in Colmar, France September 2008

Research in Colmar, France gave Dee a chance to see vintage signs up close.

Wrought-iron signs decorate the shops.

In medieval times, when many people couldn't read,
graphics told folks what was being sold...

...or the service being rendered.

What illustration would you choose to portray yourself?
What's YOUR sign?

These antique signs have become art, depicting and enhancing the history of a town.

Do you have an anniversary or milestone approaching?
Use it as a sign post to show where you've been and where you're going.

Yesco Anniversary Commemorative Book

The past enriches the present, and gives inspiration for the future.

Let Heritage Associates tell your story.