Celebrating 25 Years!

Booklet designed by Amy Robinson

Heritage Associates is in the memory business, and this year we're celebrating our own! With roots in York, England, our company opened its doors in Utah in 1986.

Heritage Associates Office

Located in Salt Lake City just three blocks from the world famous LDS Family History Library, Heritage Associates also affiliates with Ancestry.com for genealogy expertise. Clients range from individuals to international corporations, with a unique final product to meet specific requirements.


W. Dee Halverson has twenty five years experience in writing corporate and public histories. Research on location for family history is a specialty, as is legal research for imperative historic details.

Dee and his associates

History books sometimes seem too dull to grab regular people by the lapel. What differentiates Halverson is his conviction that history is personal. Dates and places in history books are important only when personalities jump out of the pages and make themselves memorable.

Books by W. Dee Halverson

For twenty five years, Dee has been telling good stories!
Celebrate with us.
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