Heritage Associates Open House

Heritage Associates is located in Salt Lake City

W. Dee Halverson of Heritage Associates recommends that his clients use their history. Taking his own advice, Dee celebrated the 25th anniversary of his public history company with an open house.

Dee and Marty, ready to party.
It was an event for the history books! Displays of his work were arranged on tables and bookshelves. The associates themselves were amazed at the variety of stories they've told!

Second floor of the historic Judge Building
Historic photos of places—Las Vegas, Nevada to Bzianka, Poland—companies, such as Bonneville Corporation, Yesco, and Ireland Bank, and other clients (Stephen Bechtel, Fraser Bullock, Lou Callister and Rod Brady to name a few) decorated the walls. Original architectural plans for the LDS Conference Center, Trolley Square and the Armstrong Mansion were also on display.

(Help yourself to refreshments!)

Dee's inspiration board
Because Dee does on-site work (archive management, organization and oral interviews) or original research, many of his long-time clients have never seen his office. It was fun to guide them through his collection of artifacts and point out pieces on his bulletin boards.

Old friends
In twenty-five years, Heritage Associates has produced over fifty major books and twenty booklets, plus museum displays, plaques and other historical accounts. The open house was a giant show and tell.

British LDS Historical Sites, Preston England
The real fun, however, was celebrating with friends who knew Dee back in the day.

Before he was an historical artifact himself!

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Open house photos by Marta
Dee's photo by Christie